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Spore syringes

The spore syringes are exclusively produced for InnerVisions and individually packed in a practical and solid tube.

"Cambodian" sporesyringe

This mushroom was discovered near the famous Angkor Wat temple. This strain is especially recommended for novice mushroom growers.

"Ecuador" sporesyringe

This strain comes from a mushroom discovered in the mountains of Ecuador. It's a suitable strain for novice cultivators, as it is relatively easy to work with and produces predictable yields.

Psilocybe cubensis "B+"

The B+ mycelium grows aggressively on a wide variety of substrates and within a broad temperature range. Very suitable for indoor growing.

Psilocybe cubensis "Golden Teacher"

This strain tends to produce huge mushrooms with beautiful golden caps.

Psilocybe cubensis 'Albino' A+

The P. cubensis A+ strain has a unique appearance with ghostly white stems and caps, in most cases almost completely without pigment. It's one of the strains used in the Innervisions Moby Dick grow ki...

Psilocybe cubensis Amazon

This mushroom from the Amazonian rain forest is big and fleshy with golden brown nipple-shaped caps. This is one of the strains that is recommended to starting cultivators.

Psilocybe cubensis Dutch King (Mexican)

This strain is originally from Mexico, but has been cultivated in the Netherlands for so many years that the local variety earned a reputation of its own. The mycelium produces massive yields under a...

Psilocybe cubensis Hawaii

Il Psilocybe Cubensis Hawaii produce delle pesanti fioriture di funghi. Le dimensioni del cappello sono tra i 25 e 75 mm con un colore che varia dal rossastro marrone dorato. Una vera gemma!

Psilocybe cubensis Koh Samui (Thai)

One of the rarer strains, coming from the Thai island Koh Samui. This strain colonizes and fruits very fast. The mushrooms will not grow very tall, but do get quite thick. It's very resistant to conta...

Psilocybe cubensis Mazatapec

This is one of the finer strains from Mexico, and it's easy to cultivate. One unique characteristic about this strain is the caps stay partially closed.

Psilocybe cubensis Z-strain

This was a novelty strain bred by an unknown source. Z-strain is a very aggressive colonizer and one of the fastest strains from inoculation to harvest available. This probably explains why this is su...

Psilocybe Tampanensis (Pollock)

With this spore syringe you can grow sclerotia Tampanensis (Pollock). In combination with our mushbag, expect a harvest of 150 - 200 g.