Durante questo periodo, potrebbero verificarsi ritardi del corriere più lunghi del solito e non possiamo garantire le date di consegna.

Conscious Smart ha sede ad Amsterdam. Durante gli anni '90 ha aperto il primo smartshop in Europa, per poi crescere fino a diventare il fornitore leader di prodotti smart. Con un team piccolo e dedicato, offre agli smartshop e ai webshop il meglio dei prodotti smart.


Conscious Smart is a seasoned distributor of natural herbs. We offer high-quality products by brands like Jetpackkratom, Herbs of the Gods, Happy Caps and many more in every price range.

Our natural herbs include relaxing, stimulating and psychoactive herbs from all over the world. All Conscious Smart herbs are shipped pre-packaged with clear information on the label.

Exclusive Brands

Shop our house brands with high quality kratom, kanna and other smart products.


A single herb can provide a very powerful effect, but add two or more herbs together and the sky is the limit. In this category we're offering exquisite and all natural herbal blends for a variety of effects.

Test di purezza

EZ Test is a quick and simple drug identification test that reacts with several substances, each of which has a specific color reaction and reaction time. EZ Test is an effective tool in identifying adulterants and other possibly dangerous substances often found in drugs and provides you with measures against unwanted (side) effects!